Chilled out day.

Today I decided to take the day off – how selfish of me.  I went to visit a friend and spent the whole morning just chilling, taking time to just be with that special person in your life right at that moment.  The kids were all at school, I have loads of work to do at home but I will work better if I have some me time to help balance my mood. All work and no play can make life very dull.  

I then had to get the kids out of school a little early to take them all to the dentist.  This is a chore but a necessary evil.  If it was just me I would never go to the dentist until it was urgent but as the responsible parent that I am I need to show my kids how to look after themselves.  We go every six months religiously.  Similarly I cannot be without a job because I am the only role model my kids have.  Especially with deadbeat dad on the scene – someone has to show them how the world works.

I have a night out planned.  My nephew is coming down to babysit and my best friend and I are going to the pub to hopefully see a band.  I used to love going to see local bands when I was younger.  I feel like I am actually starting to find my feet with this going out lark.  I know a lot of people in the area and am getting more sociable by the minute.  I have to make the best of it all though because who knows when the next time I can afford a night out will be. 

Tomorrow I have to go to work to say goodbye to a lovely colleague who finishes work tomorrow.  I will miss her. It has been good getting to spend some time talking to her and I hope we stay friends.  I need to hold onto friends better.  I keep losing touch with folk once they move jobs or I leave.  I will try harder this time because I think we have a lot in common and it would be really good to keep in touch with her. Looking forward to having a great night out. 



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