I am just back …

I am just back from a christmas night out at the Underwood Lockhouse.  It was a momentous night for a couple of reasons. 

1.  I actually made an effort to get dressed up/

2.  I had a lot of fun with my friends and laughed so hard that my cheeks and sides hurt.

3.  The Elvis impersonator picked me as the lucky recipient of a lap dance. 

Once I got past the smell of fake tan and the biscuity smell of his Elvis costume I actually had a good time.  It was the pinnacle of a truly fantastic night out.

One down side is that after some heavy drinking I was still not remotely drunk so I think either the vodka was watered down or I have superhuman alcohol consumption powers.  Overall it was a great end to a pretty average week.  A week thats only defining feature was ‘Hurricane Bawbag’.  A wind so huge and all powerful that it managed to blow down a couple of trees and not much else.

I managed to write a new poem that was quite melancholic but was maybe a little too morose for posting here so i will edit the thing and move some words about and see how it feels before posting it on my sister page bigragewriting.

Feeling positive about the future today.  Need to hold onto that feeling.