Rise and be a Nation

scottish flag

Rise and be a Nation

They told us to come forward
and be counted.
A census of discontent
A pulse of hope emerged.

For all too short a time
The voiceless rose
And found that – Yes
They had a view
Fit to be heard.

Politicians with sinister eyebrows
And large coin laden pockets
Stamped on the hopes
of the small and the weak

Where ex-pat businessmen,
wine glass in hand
laughed all the way to the bank
as the piggy banks of the poor
have run dry.

Smiling UK leaders
With buffed shiny skin
and sharp hunters grins
that show too many teeth –
pretend to make concessions
to the sheep they trapped
with their lies.
Joking about the
Poor wee fowk
Who let hope give them ideas
that burned bright for a second
then died.

Now promises were made
To make the downtrodden
battered wife of the UK stay
Instead of forging out on their own
And folk fell for the lie.

But now people elsewhere can see
Changes afoot – a turning of tides
Other regions have seen their vulnerable side.
Where politicians are just managers
With manicures, facials
And bad hairdressers.
A shady den
Of thieves and liars.

Let them find their voice now
those regions who have more in common
with us poor Scottish folk
rise up and give those tory London lovers a fright.