Getting over you

Dear you

Up until four days ago I was happy
I looked forward to seeing you
kissing you, being with you.
I felt that I had found
someone who had made me whole.
You raised a passion in me
that scorched away memories
of anyone who went before.
You made me feel womanly, safe, beautiful
I felt caressed in your light.
I truly let myself fall for you
even though I knew things were

Since you have been gone
I have been numb,
a huge hole has been left
where my days were filled
with excitement and anticipation
of your calls, texts and visits –
now there is nothing.
I am temporarily stuck
in a limbo of longing.
Longing for your arms around me,
your hands on my skin,
your voice in my ears.

My heart is wide open
lifes blood, dripping
ebbing from me
waiting for you to rush in
to patch me together again.
My head knows this is a dream
a futile wish
but my heart oh so wants it to be true!
Deep inside my heart
it knows the words you said
were never meant for me.

Today I am dying
the pain is too great
tomorrow I may recline
in my bed for a day
or two.
Cry silent tears
quilt over my head
cry for a love
that now lies dead.
Maybe in a week
a month or a year
I will stand up tall
and let go of my fear
that all men decieve
all men lie.

I will wake up
see it for what it always was.
Me with my girls heart
eternally hopeful
letting in a frog
disguised as a prince.

I fell in love with love
for all that its worth.

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