The day after the night before

I had the luxury of having a night out last night.  My best friend and I went to a local bar that opened up and had a good time before leaving to go to another pub that was a bit more intimate and friendly.  The first pub started off good, friendly folk, live band and lots of positive vibes.  Now it may be my age but around about eleven o’clock it started getting much more busy and the faces coming through the door were getting younger and younger.  It was like being on a night out with loads of folk the same age as my daughters and that was not what I wanted.  So we moved on to a more quiet pub with less stress involved in getting a drink at the bar.

The second pub was much quieter and sociable.  I think I knew and spoke to everyone in the place.  I caught up with a friend of the family who I had not seen in years and had a good natter about my mum and dad and the experiences he had had with my family before my parents died.  It was a really good conversation and reminded me of how well thought of my mum and dad were.  It is still good to know that people remember them and think really highly of them.  

The night had a few things worth mentioning.  The music was just okay – too many Oasis covers but a blinding cover version of a Michael Jackson song which was a nice surprise and Dakota by The Stereophonics.  I met and chatted to a few folk I have not seen for years and got a nice hug from some of them.  The strangest thing was the attention I got from unexpected people.  One was a tiny little guy who seemed to be having his own little party in his head – he came over and said that I was the most gorgeous looking woman in the place and could he buy me a drink.  I tried to be polite but I was not really ready for that sort of attention so told him it was okay and that I did not want a drink.  The guy took umbrage at this and walked away but two seconds later his friend came over and asked what he had said to me.  I told him and he then told me that I was the first woman he had ever had the nerve to go up and speak to. His wife then started laying on the sob story really thick and although I felt bad for the guy – I was more surprised at how his friends behaved.  It made me feel a little uncomfortable and my friend and I did not stay in the pub very long after that because the guy kept staring and his friends kept pushing.  

We then went to the next pub and had several conversations with many people in the bar.  It was there I bumped into the old family friend and had a great chat but I also attracted unwanted attention when I was there too but this was in the form a much older (should have known better) guy.  I suppose I can’t complain because at least someone found me attractive and wanted to go out with me but the standard of chat-up conversation or availability is becoming very low.  I just wanted to have a stress free night out with my friend but it ended up with the usual – my wife/girlfriend doesn’t understand me or the giant sob story (as if I making me feel pity for you is a way to my heart) rigmarole.  I went home alone and much happier for that.  The overall atmosphere in pub number two was better because the standard of conversation was higher but I had a really good night talking to loads of interesting people.  I really want to keep up the momentum that my social life has started taking as it has been virtually non-existent for the previous ten years.   



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