So Long Farewell

I would like to say goodbye to 2014. This year was jam-packed with painful events, family crises, hardships and many things that stretched my resolve. I spent the year going through one challenge after another. I lost three people dear to my heart which in itself brought up many issues that had lay dormant over the years. I struggled financially and at times things seemed to be at such a low ebb that I never thought I could see a silver lining and that any positives could come out of the year. I am nothing if not resilient though.

In all its challenging occurrences I learned many valuable lessons from the year:

1) Everything will be okay as long as I have my family around me.
2) Life always gives you choices – I just have to make better ones.
3} As long as I can escape now and again for a walk in the hills then I always have instant relief from whatever is holding me back.
4) I am very very lucky in that I have 5 astoundingly precious children and three grandchildren that fill my life with joy.
5) I have interests and skills that I can use everyday of my life.
6) I have reasonably good health.
7) As long as I can still dance then there is always something to look forward to and something that lifts my spirits.
8) I have passion, interests, people and a love of learning that means I am never bored.
9) I am starting to realise who is there for me time and again and I have people who I want to get to know much better in the new year.
10) I am alive with energy, a will to achieve my goals, the inspiration to create a new path for myself and people to share my journey.

It is all about the way you look at the world and for today January 1st 2015 I am looking up. I am looking at the world with clarity, positivity and gumption. Love to my kids, grandkids, aunts, cousins, friends, pets, colleagues and everyone I may have missed. xxxxxx


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