Boxing Day

I got up extra late today and it was a refreshing change from the normal early morning wake up call from my weans and grandweans. We were all up late last night so it was brilliant that we all managed to syncronise our sleep patterns and we all slept in. What a rare treat it was. It was especially good since I had sat up till about four – talking to my sister in America and writing a little. I still need to get a handle on my sleep these days. I have reverted back to the four hours sleep a night business at a time when I really need to ensure we are all getting more sleep.

Today was even more exceptionally poignant for the reason that my kids all got along. There was none of the stress about fighting over toys and games because each kid now has some sort of electrical gadget that means they can all play games at the same time. What bliss!!!! This does not mean that we were all engrossed in various electrical contraptions but that when kids wanted to there wasnt any fights over them. We spent all afternoon in the kitchen watching my eldest son build one of his lego sets as the rest of us chatted and laughed. I was also given my favourite gift when my sister Frances gave me one of her artworks. I am in awe of the talent my sister has so I was thrilled and emotional when she handed me my present, it was also the picture that I had secretly coveted from afar. I am going to have to find some very special place for it – where it can be looked at without kids getting their grubby hands on it. I absolutely love it.

I am revelling in the wee times during the day when I steal a few moments to myself to write or read a little. I have not carved out so much time for myself lately so it is a major breakthrough that I am forcing some space in every day for myself. When did that happen?It has been a long time coming but what a refreshing change of of events that I am able to put myself first even if it is only for a small section of my day. My kids are all sound asleep and the house is as quiet as it is ever going to be so I like to chill, hide in my room and indulge my passions of reading, listening to music and spending time with my own thoughts. It is times like these that keep my head in a good place, these times let me reccuperate from whatever challenges my day has brought. I found myself today smiling and watching my kids getting along, listening to their little jokes and noticing their characteristics that make them unique and being happy for what I have here and now. What a blessing it is to be surrounded by all these amazing people who I love very much. What a joy it is to get to spend time with them all.

I do not have any plans for New Years eve and for me that is fine. My new year will be determined by me and how I decide to get involved in my own life. I do not look for external gratification, I dont care much for superficial things – what is important to me is being able to grow and learn about myself, about life, about the universe. I have such a huge capacity to engage with learning and trying to glean some meaning from every adventure that comes my way and I just want to continue next year with learning about everything. I have a birthday comng up soon and I am looking forward to acknowledging that. I am trying to think of a treat that will mark this in some way. I will let you know when I think of something. It is now time to get myself off to bed. I dont think I will be so lucky as to have two days in a row when my kids and grandkids all get on so well so I am awy to recharge and get ready for tomorrow.



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