Good Tidings

It has been a slow start to the week. Had to say goodbye to one of my favourite aunties this week. It is always lovely to be in the company of my extended family but it was such sad circumstances that brought us together. I will miss my Auntie very much. I have enjoyed reconnecting with cousins and even sisters that I dont get to see very often.

I have been having a discussion with my sons school in an effort to get them to give him some academic support and to try and encourage him to stay on at school. They have managed to change his mind and have been helping to keep him interested. I have been struggling financially since my daughter and her kids have moved in with us even though things are calming down now – my bills doubled and it took me a while to get back into the swing of things. The school did a wonderful thing for my son. They sent him shopping with a couple of staff members and bought him a suit, shirt, tie and shoes and bought him a ticket to the school ball. I have never seen my son as excited as he was today. He danced his way out the front door and it was fantastic to see him getting such a boost. I had been beating myself up that I let him down but the school helped to put a smile on his face and for that I will be forever thankful.

I have been super-emotional this week for many reasons (mostly the funeral and my son) and I have just felt like my feelings were on my sleeve and I was in doubt as to whether I could hold it together. I had a couple of nights to myself, writing in my journal and sorting out my thoughts and it has helped immensely. I had another bit of good news in that our christmas might not be such a washout. I am looking forward to having time off with my kids and time off work. I have a challenge to find some games and activities to keep them all busy. I am looking forward to my home cooked turkey dinner and having a laugh with everyone. It has been a few years since I felt this positive going into a christmas period. I already have a few good things happening in the pipeline for next year so hopefully it will be a better year for me and mine. Starting to get renewed faith in a lot of things at the moment.


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