Back to me

I have been away from my blog for such a long time. In the last two months things have not been very good in my world. I have been through a lot of upheaval, I have been dealing with a lot of changes one of which is that my eldest child and her two children have moved back into my house and at the moment we are still getting used to the lack of space, the stress of squeezing everyone back into my tiny house and the frayed emotions that everyone is dealing with. Today is the first day in a while that i have felt like myself again, asif I am allowed to steal a little bit of my day back for me.

As a result of this I am going to try and keep blogging because if nothing else it is me having an internal conversation with myself. It is a way for me to sort out all the stress in my head and get everything into perspective. I really miss writing my way through life. My mental health at the moment depends on me finding a vent for all the stress of living in a three bedroom home with six other people. In some moments it is chaotic, loud and crazy but we are managing to see some moments of calm. I am going to keep looking forward from now on. I cant change how things have turned out, all I can do is change the way I deal with things from here on in.


One thought on “Back to me

  1. Well said just grab a moment and write without thinking for five minutes straight. The old endorphins will be released and you will feel in a much better mind-set to be able to cope with this troubling time for you and your family.

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