Today was my last day at work for ten days.  I booked the holidays along with the school October week.  So I had absolutely no plans for my time off but today I got hooked on tracing my family history and think I will be consumed by this for the foreseeable  future.   My days will be spent in pursuit of more information about all the people I have found already.  I started with my dads side of the family and am trying to work my way back but need to pad out the information I have on my ancestors.  I would like to have a full social history as well as a chronological one.

I have also been sorting through other personal artefacts and papers.  It has been a long time coming but I am finally ready to deal with the clutter in my bedroom.  When I use the word clutter I do not mean rubbish.  I mean research for lots of different things that I am going to file and sort out  so I know where everything is.  I keep writing things down and putting them in random places and now is the time for me to gather it all together and get really busy.  I feel positive and excited at the start of these projects because they are both uncovering really interesting things. 

It has been getting my brain active again.  I have felt directionless for a wee while because I have had no courses or essays to write.  I have had plans for my writing for ages and have been squirreling bits of information away here, there and everywhere.  Today is day one and I will keep you all informed of my progress.  I would just like to say a huge thank you to D (she knows who she is) for getting me working again.  Life is a blast with you in it. 


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