You make my life brand new


I wonder if the world moves in line with the tide.  Do moods change as easily as the weather?  Somedays everything just falls into place whilst other days leave me stressed out, on edge, ready for tears.  Today I have felt like the calmest person in the world.  As everyone around me is freaking out I seem to be the only person who is not buying into the drama – I feel removed from the pressure, detached.  It is a very good feeling knowing that I do not let myself get dragged into each disagreement that crosses my path.  In a world filled with hormones, feelings, emotions and drama I manage to sometimes keep myself afloat without the need to take part in all the palaver that brings itself to my door.

Certain people manipulate the air around them in an attempt to get everyone to sit up and take notice when really they are quite insignificant in the big scheme of things.  Today I have taken a step back. Life really is too short to let miniscule arguments upset your day.  I have watched people squirrel around this whirlwind of activity and I am glad I am not getting swept along in its wake.

I am remembering what and who is important.  I have had a good day with my babies.  Spent time talking to them and hopefully listening to them.  My week is filled with promise.  I am hoping for something good to look forward to.  After Thursday’s shift at work I will be off work for ten glorious days.  I am hoping for good enough weather to escape into the countryside with my kids or for really bad weather so we all snuggle up in the warmth of the house and watch movies.  There is nothing better than getting home and changing into jammies and bringing blankets downstairs so we can all snuggle.  My kids and me all love hot chocolate and that drink warms our hearts.  Nothing better than the expectation of being cold outside but knowing that when you get home the glow of warmth at just being in the same room with family, sharing the simple moments of watching tv or movies together makes for a brilliant day. 

I love the changes in the weather, I walked to the hill today with my friend and we stood and discussed the shift in the air from the top of my hill.  My friend did not want to walk that far but I told her that the difference she will feel at the top of the hill would clear her head and her heart.  Sure enough when we got there she felt better.  We discussed the wind, how freeing it is.  We discussed the mushrooms that seem to have sprouted everywhere.  We discussed the joy of looking back on the town where we live and how small and insignificant it looks in the distance, how small its opinions and views seem when you see it from our vantage point.  I know not everyone would enjoy walking in the same direction as I do as regularly as I do but something about that walk connects me to a million other things.

I have a degree in history and something about walking to the broch makes me feel connected on a whole new level.  I want to know all I can about the circumstances surrounding its existence.  I have a respect for its historical value and the atmosphere it brings to my walk.  I absolutely love that place.  It has reawakened my thirst for history and information.  This walk on a daily basis rejuvenates my soul.  I walk up there and within minutes I feel mentally younger, my lungs feel full and my heart is warmed with the brightness this walk brings to my day.  It is my little bit of heaven, watching the world go by, taking a moment to just be.  The place also reawakens my love for the written word, I am on a mission to capture the essence of the place in word form.  I have not managed it yet but I am working on idealising the place in a poem or some prose.  The senses are deluged with colour, air, freshness, light, oxygen, smells and I cannot break the hold that the place has over me.   

Today was a good day.




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