Sing me to sleep

I have had a day of trying to rest – I went an hour long walk with the dog after I got the kids off to school and then came home because the weather was pretty rotten.  I wanted to finish reading my book and lay on my bed to do so but at some point in the morning I nodded off.  The only thing that woke me up was a lunchtime phone call.  I felt a little cheated by the way my day had went.  I achieved nothing of note then picked up my weans from school and all hell broke loose.

I am struggling with the mummy bit today.  Kids cannot get along with each other for two minutes and one of them is trying my patience.  I just wanted to disappear.  Now it is just after nine and I am ignoring my phone. The kids are in bed and after I finish writing this post I will be going off to bed too.  It has been one of those days that I just want to forget.  I have nothing positive to say about it at all. 

Oh I forgot one good thing was the book I finished called Niceville.  Good little horror novel that I really enjoyed.  I know I should be writing something magnificent, listening to music to chill me out but instead I am going to get in to my bed, pull the covers up and let my day go.  I want to sleep (preferably for the next couple of days) like I have not managed to do for ages.  I have gotten to my bed earlyish all week but keep waking up either in the middle of the night or nod off and wake up what seems like ten minutes later to find that eight hours have passed.  I cant seem to get a refreshing nights sleep so tonight I am going to give it another go. 



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