Just breathe


My big walking frenzy officially started today.  I got off my arse and got back into the walking plans I have been talking my way around for a while.  I dropped the kids off at school and done my usual disappearing act.  On my walk today which took me about three and a half hours I saw one solitary human being.  A mountain biker who was trying to get to the top of the broch.  I know that where I walk is hilly and wild but I did not think people would be riding their bikes over this landmark.  Aye its at the top of a hill but its a pretty special place and deserves to be looked after instead of tearing it up with your bike.

On my way up to the broch I also came across a little sort of den thing.  It looked like someone has been trying to make a wee shelter out of bits of tree and things like that but I hope it is kids just having fun instead of some adult constructing a creepy wee hole to hide and watch folk.  To tell you the truth I would not have noticed it if it wasn’t for my dog going round that way but there was something off about it.  Made my hair stand on end and made me think about my safety on these walks.  The weather today was glorious, sunny, misty in the distance, cold – so when I exerted myself on the walk up my hill and up to the broch I felt refreshed apart from my red face.  I felt the benefit of the exercise and am hoping to get right back out there tomorrow morning.  The plan is to do it for four mornings this week.  I have been told I am walking for over nine miles but I am not sure how accurate that is.  The distance does not really matter its the view, the effort it takes to walk up all those hills, the fresh air, the solitariness and the thinking time I love – oh and watching Zeke enjoy the freedom.

I saw my friend with her dogs before I left for the walk and my heart dropped a little.  I love seeing her and have good chats but she doesn’t see the walks in the same way as I do and I find myself either cutting it short or not going at all when I walk with her.  Thankfully she was just saying hello, walked me to a certain point and let me get on my merry way.  Once I got home my feet were a little painful but not nearly as bad as they had been getting on this walk.  Either my feet have developed a thick protective skin or my thicker socks made all the difference.

I went to work and just let the day evolve on its own.  My work was pretty much deserted for a lot of the time but it did not drag in too long.  I don’t know why they get me in for three hours because there is very little I can achieve in that kind of space.  I do not have to work again until Thursday night so I don’t have to think about it for a little while yet.  I have put my writing on hold for a couple of days because I needed to reassess my plans with a fresh eye.  I will be sorting everything out tomorrow in order of priority and see where I go from there.  I am getting good at ignoring the drama around me, I have not been preoccupied with other peoples issues recently so I just need to pick up my writing intentions and get down to work.  I have also been in bed early every night this week so far so I feel better rested and more able for the challenges ahead.

I need to go and chase my daughter back to bed, she has switched on her laptop and I can hear her singing along to music (she has headphones on and doesn’t realise how loud she is singing).  She was sent to bed about an hour ago so I need to stage an intervention.



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