Keep my feet on the ground

Well the new week begins tomorrow.  I have had the most boring weekend only salvaged by a wonderful day spent with my daughter and grandson.  I love watching the enthusiasm they bring to my house.  A sunny disposition is a wonderful quality and they have it in heeps.  A wonderful illuminating sunburst of loveliness in my day.  This visit dragged me out of the doldrums and cheered my heart.

I am feeling refreshingly optimistic tonight and I don’t know if it is because of my visit or have I siphoned off a little bit of their positivity or has something else brought a spring into my step.  Who knows but it is a welcome change to my usual sunday night blues that pre-empts my Monday at work.  I am determined to not lose this good feeling. 

My plan for the week is to get serious about my walking again.  With zeke’s unfortunate recent illness my walking got put on hold, I also let my intentions for myself be sabotaged by other forces.  I am going to walk with purpose once again.  I have been enjoying the turn in the weather and want to capture some autumnal colours, I want to see my hill as it changes, take some photographs. 

I started writing this post with no clear direction, I thought if I just started writing that some prophetic, marvellous inspirational thought would pop into my head and be shared on this page with you.  Instead I have found myself directionless and distracted.  I am suffering from my lack of walking, my lack of fresh air, my lack of scenery and not allowing myself to indulge my creative side.  It also makes me feel like I have been denying part of my soul.  I cannot do this to myself any more. 

So I am going to let my daughters light rub off on me.  I am going to grab hold of that positive vibe and start over with my plans.  I will get back on track tomorrow.  I am not ready to let things get the better of me so tomorrow is another day.  I will be keeping you up to date on my progress so keep your fingers crossed for me. 




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