Hopelessly weighed down by your eyes

I have been struggling to find time to write on my blog this week.  I seem to have spent days running around after my kids, I even had a visit to accident and emergency after an accident at school.  Sometimes real life just demands that you sit up and take notice and I think that is what happened this week.  Been a little insular as of late and life just reminded me that I have to take care of things a little better.

I spent this evening looking over old photographs with one of my daughters.  This cheered me up, laughing at all the silly faces kids pull, the way their faces change over time and just nostalgic memories.  Reminded me of how close me and my kids are, what a great team we are and how easily memories are made when you are surrounded by all these wonderful little people.  I am truly blessed with a fantastic family.  How can I ever really be unhappy with my life when I have been responsible for bringing five fabulous people into the world and raised them all single-handedly and watched some of them bring some of their own special little people into the world. 

Tomorrow I plan to walk with my friend (hopefully) and then come home and start writing in earnest.  I feel like we are all in a good place now and I have to show all my kids and myself that I can follow through on an idea and a dream. 



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