What can i say

I am sitting on my bed, listening to the silence of the house writing my blog post.  I have been at work today, putting a brave face on things.  My kids have been little darlings today but they probably have been sensing that I needed a day off from their squabbles and silly fights.  I am still feeling lonely – no one to chat to at the moment, getting used to the silence again. 

I have decided to look around for local groups that I may think about joining, not that I will have babysitters but at least knowing there is places out there of interest will make me feel better.  I am looking forward to Friday, it has been a long time since I had a night out and it could not have come at a better time.  I will be doing something a bit different so I am quite excited about getting out, having a chat, meeting new people.

I think I would have totally cracked up had it not been for my addiction to walking the dog.  I have felt myself flagging on days where I don’t get out on a huge walk.  It is as if I am drained of energy if I am not able to exorcise my demons during a long, furious walk.  Tomorrow will be a good day as I have free time in the morning.  I have parent evenings to go to at night so it will be hard for me to get some writing time tomorrow but I will try and fit it in somewhere. 

I am charging up my ipod so I can sing away my frustration as I walk, I am feeling okay today.  Life has not ended.  I am still here – still loving my kids, walking my dog, writing my blog, writing poems and planning my next step. 





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