Its my life


I cling onto life, holding onto the tiny things

that make each day bearable.

A child’s smile, a small, warm hand in mine.

The air that chases away the pain

on hilltops and woodland paths.

The gust of wind that frees my hair from its braid

and shows me that life is unrelenting –

but fun, if you can only look at it right.

A bench from where all my life

can be assessed, dissected

and repaired.

A canine companion

that runs ahead then stops

to check I am still there.

A freedom that builds up hope,

renews faith and succours the spirit.

Without this I would be lost.

World weariness drags me down

and threatens to engulf me.

I claw wildly for some place

a safe haven to shelter me

from the chaos of life.




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