Here we go



I had been on my own for so long

that when he found me

I was agog with awe

at how sweet he was.

I jumped in with both eyes

firmly shut.

Thought he saved me

from my life with no light.

Spent too long,

wrapped up in him

limbs, lips, legs, hips.

Felt his touch

like being branded with love.

His touch made me weep

with gratitude.

His smell suffocated me

in gorgeous musky scents

that I wanted to drown in.

I was so starved of human warmth

that I let my heart go

to unchartered seas.

Where it bobbed just out of reach,

too late to be saved

I prayed countless prayers

Of longing.

Of love.

Of loss.

To a god I never believed in.

It was all a mistake, mine.


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