After the love has gone

I am taking a day.  I have commandeered today for myself.  I have sat for a lot of the morning in my room staring at space.  I got up and did mom stuff, fed the kids, went food shopping but I was trying hard not to feel anything.  Part of my life has just crumpled into little bits and I am trying to make sense of it all and I needed to shut out everything. 

I am trying to hold onto little pleasures in life to keep my self centred and sane but I want to curl up in a ball for a couple of days but as a single parent I cant allow myself to do that.  I am hoping normal service will resume tomorrow but I cant promise anything. 

At least the pain is conducive to writing poetry so I’m going to get to work.



4 thoughts on “After the love has gone

  1. A friend gave me two pieces of advice lately and they worked for me, work as in write through the pain and don’t make any major decisions. I wish you well and hope tomorrow is softer and kinder on you.

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