I fell back in love with love


Yesterday was a high point in my week.  Today was different in so many ways.  I went my usual walk in the morning but the sky was grey, rain drizzled during the entire walk.  My feet got drenched from walking through the long grass, ferns and gorse bushes and by the time I was on the walk home they made a funny squelchy, slappy sound with every step.  My jeans were completely stuck to my legs from the knees downwards, my jacket and tops plastered to my body as the relentless rain fell.  It was nonetheless a beautiful atmospheric walk.  I love the greys in the sky, the haze in the distance letting you know there is no break in the weather. 

I felt the rain on my face as I looked up  to the sky just revelling in the wetness, the refreshing saturation of nature.  How could I not be happy when my companion Zeke was bounding around me with careless abandon.  Tongue lolling, ears flapping, tail wagging with energy galore.  I feel like my soul is bound up with my wee dog.  He rescued me, he carries me through every day, he is my company at night. As I type this he is sitting next to me with his head firmly planted on my knee, he follows me around the house and is ever present at my side.  I really don’t know what I would do without him. 

I am now sitting watching movies with my kids, stealing a few minutes to post this.  My day has been lazy, lonely, long and stressful.  I am switched off tonight but have been compiling all my writing together so I can sort it into some kind of order.  I have been needing to do this for aeons.  Got to get to work.




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