come see about me


I spent this morning hiding under the covers on my bed.  I was not ready to face the world, I felt disappointed with myself and just didn’t think I had anything to offer the day.  I wanted to find a giant jumper, put it on and pull up the hood and keep to myself.  I have attempted to read some poetry but real life kept interrupting me and dragging me back to reality.

The weather has changed – autumn is here and with it has come cold winds, rain and grey skies.  This is my absolutely favourite time of year.  The days that I love to walk for miles on my own and escape.  The kids are not at school so I couldn’t do that today.  Once I got up and started cooking and interacting with everyone it pulled me out of my mood and I actually has a satisfying day.  I had company for dinner and it felt good to provide sustenance for people that appreciate it.  It has been a good day.

I have been sideswiped by poetry this week.  I have a compulsion to read it and write it.  This has been a revelation for me.  I knew I loved to read it and occasionally wrote one or two but it has grabbed me with a passion this week.  I have been totally consumed with the idea of creating something, creating anything and I have found a lot of pleasure in it.

My mood today I think was helped by the poetry.  I suppose everyone finds their own way in whatever manner life leads them. 


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