Just an illusion


I disappeared through the portal to another world today.  The ground was soft and spongy and carpeted with pines.  The trees gathered together in formation trying to bar my path but me and the dog worked our way over and under fallen trees, broken branches and roots.  The sun flashed between the foliage in determination to show us something magnificent. 

It seemed an age as I walked, ran and occasionally stumbled to this wondrous place.  There is a broch of undetermined age, hidden at the top of a hill.   It is so densely populated with ferns and other plants that if you blink you may miss it or if you take a wrong step you might find yourself falling into it.  It was as if the sun shone down just to illuminate how special and atmospheric it is.  It thrums with the feeling of people over the centuries coming across this snapshot of history. 

The area surrounding it on one side has been cleared of trees and there is a feeling of desolation as you come across it.  The stumps and remnants of long gone trees seem ghostly to behold.  This all adds to the significance of this place.  Maybe I just have an overactive imagination as I see scenes of ancient life, a life simple but hard, a time almost forgotten. 

I came across overturned trees like the one pictured above and marvel at how they all look like hairy mammoths.  My kids and I sometimes come across these on walks and we concoct marvellous stories about trolls coming out at night.  Of whole families of them living underneath waiting to snatch unsuspecting walkers for tea. 

I gathered memories of the place, an inspiration for so many stories and poems.  I cling to their images as if I need them to let me breathe.  I cant wait to take my kids back up there.  They will love the scramble to the top, the energetic race to beat siblings.  I can imagine us all up there eating our picnic, dangling our legs over the ledge and discussing who could have lived there, what did they do, what was their lives like?

Curiosity is a wonderful thing. 


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