Swimming Lessons


Legs and arms thrashing

in panic.

The weight of the water

burning lungs,


for an air pocket.

An eternity of pain

in minutes.

Bobbing with the instinct

To survive

Eventually the panic stops

with the last expulsion of air

and a calm, soothing nothingness

comes as relief,

as the body gives up its hold.


I had written a lovely blog post about my walk today, a post with real depth and images.  I conjured up a magical snap of my life and my rediscovery of myself.  I discussed my attempt to run up the hill ( my nemesis), a run which was cut short as oxygen was not making it into my body in the quantities I needed for survival.  I had discussed how vital I felt and how healthy it made me feel. 

Unfortunately the post I had written – accidentally was not saved and disappeared into the ether and I had a mini breakdown after pouring my life on the page and then losing it all in one fell swoop.  I took a few deep breaths and patched this thing together.  I searched every crevice in my computer but the post was lost.  Am I that fragile that a simple computer malfunction can knock my good plans out the window?

Of course not. 

I did my walk – took a new route – sometimes you just need to view life from another place.

I wrote a poem – evidenced at the top of the page.

I let the dog run free for three hours and it made me happy too.

I saw a little of the me that I like today – it is good to know she is still in there.

I am off to write some more.





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