I need a little time

I have been attempting to write more poetry this weekend.  I have decided that the little pockets of alone time that I manage to snatch during my weekend are quite conducive to the writing of poetry.  I had a couple of sad days; not depressed – only mildly sad. I seem to want to write poetry more when I am sad for a couple of reasons – one, it helps lighten my mood if I get something written down. Secondly I think my brain works better when I am sad. 

I had made plans for Friday morning that didn’t pan out which dampened my mood and this was just compounded by the fact that I am in dire need of some proper me time. The hope of getting to spend some quality time with myself went awry when my daughter asked me to babysit for my granddaughter.  I really love spending time with her and she brings a lot of joy into my life but for some reason these visits always coincide with the weekends where I have time off work.  I keep thinking that maybe if I can get some childcare for my own kids that I could have a proper day off.  A day off work and parenting duties. 

I have a love of reading and it would be great to venture into a library and peruse the books without my kids arguing or driving chairs from the computer desks around.  It would be good to have a day where my three youngest kids do not all talk to me at exactly the same time.  It would be good to have a day where I can make decisions about what to watch on television.  I am not looking for ground-breaking time to go sky diving or bungee jumping but just a few moments of peace and quiet to think straight.  Time to rest without background noise. 



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