walking back to happiness.

My kids are all sound asleep, the house is silent and I am ready for slipping off to sleep myself.  I may have overdone the health kick a little tonight.  After I took my kids to school today I went for a quick march round the local pathways for an hour before my work.  Put in a full shift at work today – I kept busy and did lots of heavy lifting – carrying lots of books upstairs.  I decided that I need to get my family to be more active.  So after dinner we all went a really long walk, mostly uphill. 

My youngest daughter went on her bike and we brought her friend who was also on her bike. The weather was warm and clear but as we left it pretty late to start the walk by the time we were on the return journey it was dark. We are all back home now though and within half an hour of walking in the door all my kids are sound asleep.  I think this is a sign of the power of walking.  We have all had a lovely exercise session that cost nothing, the kids got to see lots of local scenery, we had an adventure and had the best time.  My kids have brilliant imaginations and these sort of walks bring out their inventive side.  They all came home thoroughly exhausted but happy.  What a brilliant end to my day, I may be unable to walk tomorrow but it was worth it. 

I have had one of those days where you just want to keep yourself busy, not get involved in any drama.  I spent a lot of time getting busy, tidying the books, sorting out one thing or another because I just want a day where I did not have to think.  I felt better for it and it made work go by really quickly.  I hope tomorrow goes the same way.  This explains why the walk was much needed tonight.  There has been a lot of hassle around here  lately and I wanted to remove my kids and me from the situation. 

I am suffering tonight, my body is not as young as it used to be. I can feel blisters on top of blisters.  My feet have never had to put up with such punishment, with all this walking I should see some real health benefits soon.  But for tonight I need to find something to alleviate the pain in my tootsies.  I should be catching some zzzzzzzz’s whilst my lovely kids sleep too.

Night all.



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