A Dictionary Without Words



I wonder if

people know

just how important

words are to a writer.

I wonder if people realize

the importance of a writer

giving out her words.

To a writer,

words are her heart,

her soul,

the very center of

her being.

Would people be so


if they knew that

a writer’s words

mean more than the average


I write him words,



blog posts,



status updates,

all for him.

Does he know that

my words are

everything and that

I value my words

over myself?

Does he realize he

holds all of

me on those creased

sheets that he


in his closet,

in an old shoebox?

Does he understand

that every letter,

every syllable

that I scribe

and erase

and rewrite

are the only way I

know how to love?

The only way I know

how to show him

my heart?



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