Running up that hill.


Whenever I walk my dog, I like to walk up this hill.  This hill is quite steep (you might miss how steep because it is not the best photograph) but the first time I walked up her I had to use my inhaler twice.  Once at the bottom and once half way up.  The trick is to keep breathing all the way up.  If I have a conversation with someone or try to talk as I walk when I attempt this hill I always got out of breath.

Now I have been walking up this hill quite a few times and I have stopped panting and puffing all the way up it.  Occasionally when my allergies are bad I feel a little rough at the top but now I feel much healthier as I walk.  I feel a sense of achievement every time I get to the top.  I feel like I am on my way back to fitness every time I drag my self up this hill.  It has become my nemesis. 

I want to eventually be able to run up this hill, if my knees will allow it.  I do not have a perfect weight that I want to get to.  I do not have any idea of how slim I want to be or to be super fit.  I just want to know that I have conquered this particular hill.  It is my health goal to be able to work up to running to the top of the hill.  I went up there with my kids recently and my youngest son – who had declared he hated walking – darted to the top in no time at all. He did not even break a sweat. 

My daughter walked at a steady pace but kept waiting for me to catch up.  I was a wee bit shocked at just how slow I was walking but watching my kids treat this hill as if it was nothing has spurred me on to getting fitter.  Today, when I got to the top I marvelled at how intimidating it seems from the bottom but how well you are rewarded at the top because once you get out of the trees I get the most beautiful panoramic view of the world. 

At the top of this hill I can see the town where I live in the distance – it symbolically frees me on a daily basis.  At the top of the hill – I feel like my stress has just disappeared.  I have shared this walk a few times but I actually think this hill belongs to me.  The act of walking up this hill on my own as often as possible is like a little triumph every time.  I want to run up to the top with The Eye of the Tiger blaring in my ears and celebrate wildly each time I reach the top. 

Some days when I think no one is around – and no one is going to interrupt me I actually do cheer for myself.  It is when I reach the top of the hill that I feel significantly removed from all other human beings that I can relax and sing along to my music, occasionally I have been known to cut a few shapes up there too. 

I hop e every one finds there own little place in the world where they feel like I do on my hill.



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