That Look


That Look

It all began with a look,

A curious, flirt of a glance.

When eyes held eyes for just

A second too long.


A look that knew hunger.

Starved of affection,

They gravitated towards one other.

Finding seconds, minutes hours

To do nothing but just be together.


A look that grew into a taste

A touch.

That grew so huge that it lost all control.

Some may call it love,

Others obsession.


It is just a thing that started with a look.

The sensual energy, that darts like a

Tongue, in and out, back and forth,

That charges the hair on the arms

To stand up.


A doomed romance

Because the burning embers

Of that look have been extinguished

Forced back into their place.


Every now and then

It flashes back into life

Like joke candles – for parties.


The energy pull is too strong

To be eternally denied

So stolen seconds, minutes

Are all that exist now.


The light is still there

But flickers from lack of attention.

The hope still swirls around the flame

Waiting to ignite as strongly as before.




Life has made them weary

The look, is not enough

On its own.


Maybe the look

Needs to find a new home.




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