Do you know where your going to?

I am really looking forward to tomorrow.  My beautiful babies go back to school and I am desperate to get out on a huge solitary walk with my dog.  I need time to switch off from everything.  I need to put this town behind me and spread my wings for a little while.  I am looking forward to walking the dog, taking in the scenery, breathing the fresh air, smelling the flowers and breathing out the tension of my day.  I don’t want to see anyone, speak to anyone or hear anyone.  If you see me I will be the mad woman with the black Labrador, singing and dancing my way round the hills.  I have my ipod charging, my kids are all ready to get back to school and I have a full six hours to just get lost. 

The weather does not bother me.  Personally I am hoping for chilly but dry with a nice strong wind.  The wind clears out my head.  The wind whips my hair up into the air and helps me to concentrate on absolutely nothing at all.  I totally love it.  I have had a great summer holiday with my kids, we spent loads of time together, we did loads of amazing things together but boy am I so ready for a day all to myself. 

I can feel the excitement already.  My kids are actually happy to be going back.  They are ready to see their friends, get used to their new teachers, get back into the school routine.  I am overjoyed at the time we have spent, I am so grateful that we have had such a good summer of sun, walking, talking, reconnecting with each other and relaxing in each others company.  Tomorrow is a new beginning for us all and I am hopeful that we will all enjoy the coming months. 

After my first walk is over I am going to be getting down to work.  There is talk of redundancies at work again and I will not be caught resting on my laurels.  My plans are slowly taking shape and I have a lot of people rooting for me so I do not want to waste a second longer.  The house decorating is back underway, thanks to my friend and as well as taking care of the house I will be taking care of me.  First things first is cranking up my walking schedule.  I may even recruit my kids into joining me now and again. 

I have set myself a few goals – personal and professional and now that everything is written down, cleared out and in its place I can devote more time to achieving some things that I put on the backburner for far too long.  I am finally accepting that the only thing stopping me from getting anywhere – was me.  I am finally accepting that I am procrastinating because of fear and I wont let that hold me back anymore.  I am so ready to get to work I think I may actually burst.

Onwards and upwards.



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