Times they are a changing


Saturday was spent with my three youngest kids.  I am trying to squeeze every minute I can – to spend every second I can with them before they go back to school.  Tonight we gutted bedrooms and made their personal spaces much more comfortable.  Not the most glamorous way to spend an evening I know but it was good to see them look after their own things.  Just more of the life skills I have to teach them as a parent. 

My house is now tidy, my kids are happy and we have time to sit and watch movies or just have conversations.  My daughter and I sat looking at tattoos online (I know you may not think this is the best use of time) because she and I love art and we discussed the artistry and beauty that existed in a few of the tattoos.  Tomorrow will be a more hectic day as I am expecting visitors for dinner and am also hoping to get some of my sons bedroom decorated. Finally getting around to the last few jobs to complete the house. 

I am now sitting in the dark about to watch a movie with my eldest son now that my two littles are in bed.  I have enough time to write my blog and chill a little.  My thoughts today have been a little preoccupied with mentally checking over and over again whether I have gotten everything my kids need for their return to school.  I have also been trying to carve out a writing regime for myself but I keep thinking up other jobs that need doing.  I seem to be running around in circles doing anything but my writing.  It is as if I need permission to take the time for myself.  Maybe when the kids are back at school I wont feel guilty for switching off and devoting my attentions to writing. 

One good development in my thinking however is that I now think about WHEN I start my writing not IF.  It has taken me years to do this but I finally decided that I can do it and have shoved all the doubt to the back of my head.  I just need some free time (when the kids are at school and I am not at work).  



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