Its a Family Affair


The photograph I have attached here is the only photograph I know of that included all of my family.  The only picture that had all eight of my sisters, my four brothers and my parents as well as myself in it.  After this was taken I don’t think we ever had another group photograph taken. 

 This photo is really dated, everyone in the picture is now an adult or are sadly no longer with us so I just wanted to pay homage to the family I grew up in.  Okay there was a lot of hardship, many arguments, various fights and dramas over the years but I would not change any of them for a second.  My family is full of larger than life individuals, all of us are unique and we have all taken very different paths in life.  Not everything in life is perfect but my family would always be there for me, they would always look out for each other. 

The outfits are ancient and ugly, the hair is magnificent in its absurdity and the overdose of brown hues are actually quite painful on the eyes but I can see past that and see the strong people I grew up with, the love shared between us all.  I was just young at the time and did not really understand what was going on but the fact we were all together was not lost on me. 

I feel inspired to go and take loads of photographs of me with all my kids and grandkids.  I don’t want them to only have one photo to remember what our family life was like.  I want them to have pictorial proof that they have people who care for them.  I want them to be proud of our family unit.  I want them to see how happy I am to be their mum and granny.  Most of all I want them to have smiling pictures to show that we had good times even though money has never been in abundance.  As this old photograph shows, what we didn’t have in monetary terms we more than made up in family.  It was a blessing to be surrounded by all these wonderful human beings and also to have created even more. 



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