My favourite Places


These are some trees I pass on my usual walks with the dog.  Every day I pass them they look completely different.  Some times they lean in close in a protective manner, as if they want to hug you.  Other days they seem haunted and gnarled and twisted.  On this particular day of the photograph the light shining through the trees captivated me and I just stood and looked at them.  Even the sound of the wind going through the branches can scare you (like an unexpected train on a level crossing) or coax you closer.  I love sitting on the bench a few yards beyond them and letting the rustle of the leaves, the movement of the branches and the sheer beauty of them get my creative side going.  I gave birth to the plans for my novel whilst walking past them on a dreary, wet and miserable day.  I almost scared myself silly letting my imagination run away with me and as a result it is one of my most favourite and magical places to go.

Hoping to be back up there tomorrow morning before I have to go to work.



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