Cooking up a storm

Welcome this fine Monday night.  I have had a busy, busy day at work.  I have been constantly on the go and run off my feet but it was good to be speeding towards finishing time.  My time at work is now spent looking forward to the time away from the place.  Tonight I was having a family dinner (again) and had the pleasure of providing a meal for my brother and sister, my niece, two of my daughters, my two sons and my beautiful wee grandson.

We were all talking, laughing, telling stories and reminiscing together. We had fajitas and when we have this meal we do it as an eating experience.  We have salsa, salad, soured cream and all the usual accompaniments but we just have everything in dishes in the centre of the table and then dive in – taking what we want, passing food to each other, making it a conversation in itself.  We also had some red hot chillies my friend gave me and we all had a few and laughed as we all needed copious amounts of water to dampen the fire in our mouths.

It is times like this when I am thankful for all the people I am surrounded by.  In the big scheme of things other people’s drama is not important, having lots of superficial things is pointless and not living in the moment is a crime.  This evening I have been living in the present.  I have relaxed and enjoyed being surrounded by people I love, I have enjoyed this shared experience, I have been focussing on what is the most important thing to me.

As a direct result of this tonight I am calm, happy and looking positively at the future.  My friend sent me an email which made me laugh. This friend gave me a few much needed home truths but she also gave me some good feedback, some support and positive comments on a day I could really appreciate them.  On any other day I would maybe have taken what she said the wrong way but today I really needed to hear it.

So what of tomorrow?  I have been roped in to do a much longer shift at work but I have some free time in the morning.  At the moment all I can think of doing is escaping into the hills with my dog and my kids (a bit like Maria Von Trapp) but mostly because I need the fresh air, the thinking time, the freedom to let my kids run around, get dirty, marvel at the scenery, soak up the nature around us.  This is my inspiration.  The surrounding countryside is the thing that grounds me in the here and now, it makes me look at the world with clean eyes.  It makes me take time to realise what I have, where my life is now and all the possibilities that are out there.  I hope that my kids get a sense of how large the world is, how beautiful and refreshing it can be if you just look at it right.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and hope to share it with everyone on my blog.



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