Its a Family Affair

I spent the day surrounded by my children.  All five of them and my two grandchildren as well.  I have had a day that recharges the soul, mind and body.  Apart from the extra cooking, cleaning and running after everyone I had a fabulous day.  I even had a visit from my nephew.  Apart from the occasional blip they all got along fine.  It all started off badly with the usual rigmarole of getting two young kids to school.

Morgan’s little face lights up when she sees her two older sisters and she managed to get conversations out of the both of them.  I found a school assignment that Morgan haad written at the beginning of the year and it astounds me that my eight year old daughter has such an amazing vocabulary and brilliant grasp of the English language.  That girl is truly a wonder to me.

I have been using a website called blipfoto to catalogue my days.  It is quite inspirational trying to find one photograph that defines your day.  I am still just a novice but I am enjoying the challenge.  I also have a two day course for work that starts tomorrow.  I am not feeling overly positive about it. I don’t think it will benefit me too much but I will give it a go. Two extra days this week at work and I am working on saturday too. I feel tired just thinking about it.

Saturdays are not too bad because I work with my bestie D.  The one woman who knows my secrets and doesn’t judge me for my failings and keeps me grounded.  I just hope I manage to do the same for her.

Loneliness has been getting the better of me lately but tody was a tonic.  Anyday spent in the company of my wonderful family raises my spirits and re-charges my batteries.  I have been running low recently but hopefully that bad patch is finished.  I had also been hoping to get walking a lot more this wek but alas that has not happened so far.  I will just have to cram it all into next week.  I am definitely not going to let any energy stealers capture my mojo again.



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