Cheese on toast mmm

I have been feeling weird today.  First half was spent thinking it was not even worth getting out of bed.  I just wanted to lounge around all day.  My kids had other ideas though.  The good thing today is that Morgan has made a new friend and she looked over the moon bonus= her new friend just lives down the road.  I was shocked when I went past the park at the end of the road and Morgans friend was flying down the hill on Morgan’s bike at huge speeds and Somhairle let me know that Morgan has also been doing these feats of bravery.  Part of me cringed at the audacity of my daughter to take such careless risks with her wee self but part of me was well impressed that she was brave enough to do something so dangerous. I do not want to be responsible for taking away her bravery.

I then went up the town with just my boys and had great conversation with both of them.  My littlest boy was fantastic cos he tells me he loves me about four times a day and it totally melts my heart.  He has the sweetest wee voice, the bluest eyes and the loveliest bug hugs ever.

I spent some time with my nephew at the pub tonight. He looks just like my dad and my oldest son is starting to look just like him.  It is funny to see how resemblances pass through the ages.  I am so chuffed my son is starting to resemble my family now.  He is growing into a smashing handsome young man, he is funny, intelligent and just all round fantastic.  I am so lucky to have my beautiful boys.

I have also been receiving daily inspiration that is telling me I need to change the path I am on.  The wind has been throwing hints at me all week.  I need to be free to think what I want, write what I want and be able to follow my dream.  If I don’t do it now I will always regret what could have been.  I think my mum and dad would both be very very very proud of me today.  I think they would have been screaming at me from wherever they are to get my head screwed on and keep chasing what I really want out of life.

So tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.  I will write down a programme of writing. I will spend at least a couple of hours a day doing it.  I will keep allowing myself this chance to follow what I truly believe is the path I am meant to be on.  I have never felt so enthused about anything.  I feel that I have listened to my heart and my head for the first time in years.

Please everyone give me a row if my blog tomorrow does not mention me writing at least one thing. I need the support.



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