There’s a storm a brewing

I have been avidly following the weather all week.  I have been fascinated with the wind for some reason.  I was out walking today and the wind was nonexistant but then in surprising little gusts it would appear and blow my hair upwards.  It was a lovely sunny day interspersed with tiny little rain showers but the wind was just fantastic.  Whilst on my walk I sat on a bench and watched the world go by or I would sit and close my eyes and just revel in the sensation of the wind blowing all my hair around.  It was refreshing but as I said in an earlier blog it gave me the sense that there is something about to happen.  This wind is bringing changes with it and I for one am quite keen to see what they are.

I have also started some research into the local area.  I have plans for a novel based here but I need to get to grips with my setting first.  The wind today also became very inspirational as I could see my characters alive in that setting with the wind swirling around them.  It felt very Catherine Cookson-esque.  My novel is nothing like Catherine Cookson would write though.   I have been feeling for the first time like I have expectations of myself that I am not afraid to back away from.  I am working towards this book.  I have loads of images, characters, feelings and thoughts that I have yet to put down onto the page but they are swirling and forming as I write here.

My daughter and her daughter have not been feeling good for the last couple of days and I have been enjoying having them close by.  I dont get to see my kids nearly enough and it was a treat to see them both.  My other daughter and her son are aso ill but it has been more difficult getting to spend time with them.

Whilst on that hill today I had an epiphany about a relationship problem I had been having.  I have been desperately sad for a little while now but I think this wind has cleared out a little of the pain.  I felt cleansed after just sitting still with the wind and allowing it to clear my cluttered thoughts.  I think I have definitely found my new thinking place.  I need to update my wardrobe so I can go there in any weather and just chill.  If I could I would go there everyday and just look and think.  What a breathtaking blissful addition to everyday that walk would be.




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