Life as we know it

I have had a busy day – kids at school, had breakfast (whilst reading a book) and then went to work where I was kept busy.  It made a nice change actually having something productive to do there.  I enjoyed the start to my day.  I got a visit at work too from my daughter and her wee boy.  He is growing up so fast but is just the cutest wee boy ever.

I made a plea for some self esteem tips yesterday and as usual my cousin has rose to the challenge and has sent me a fantastic exercise to do. The only thing I need to do now is find a couple of people to answer some of the questions but it has to be people I trust.  I think I can count on two fingers the people I can trust at the moment.  I think it will be a great help to carry out the exercise.  It is all about personal growth and self realisation and I am up for a bit of that.

So today I am feeling a little more positive about the future.  I am spending a lot of time with my own thoughts.  I am assessing the way my life is going. I am performing a lot of exercises to get my creative side working and also to examine my personality all in an attempt to find out where my future should go.  You cannot know where you are going if you do not understand where you have been.  I think I am just desperate not to make the same mistakes in the future.

I was over the moon that I found the keys that had been eluding me this week.  They were in the most obvious place too.  I felt pretty embarrassed when I found them.  I think my head is filled with too much information, useless facts and worries.  I looked in all the difficult places before checking the probable places.  I have some personal things hanging on that keyring and I did not want to lose them.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be starting two new classes – yet again I think I am using aversion tactics to not have to do what my heart and my head is telling me.  I go to a lot of bother to ignore my intuition just because I am terrified to fail.  I have  been chasing a dream that is not really mine all in an effort to make my life mean something, but ignoring the side of me that wants to be creative means I am ignoring part of what makes me who I am.  It is confusing I know but I am working my way through it all.

I will let you all know how my classes go.




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