Mixed up Monday

School was off today for my two youngest babies and I was supposed to still take them to their minder but after trying in vain to wake my little girl up she said that she really wanted to stay at home with me.  I relented and said it was okay but within the half hour she was up, dressed, fed and out on her bike. I have seen her hardly at all today.  My youngest boy sat watching telly and playing computer games interspersed with coming over and giving me loads of hugs.  It was a marvelous way to spend the day.

Tonight I have been cleaning up in an attempt to find a set of lost keys.  I have been searching everywhere for them.  I cannot believe they have just vanished into thin air.  It may just be a ploy by the universe to make me clean up my act.  I may have to go and check through my wheelie bin tomorrow – oh what joy.

My daily routine of over-thinking everything was chugging along nicely as I did absolutely nothing with my day.  I have started sorting through some important tools for my writing tonight but until I have somewhere inspirational to write then I will not be in the focused and determined position I need to be in to get my first novel off the ground.  I hate being in this limbo land.  The interruptions caused by my work has become quite a distraction, for instance my three hours at work tomorrow occur right in the middle of the day so it interrupts everything.

I am moving slowly forward but the pace is slowing down. I have so many other things shouting for my attention – I still have four walls to scrape, I have paper for three rooms ready to get put up, I have to start saving for christmas and I have lots of woodwork to paint.  I also have three birthdays coming up all before christmas.  What a pickle I am in.  I know I should start somewhere small and build my way up to doing everything else but knowing where is the best place to start is even causing some grief.  Even thinking about it all is tiring me out.

I had planned for an extra early night like I had last night but things seem to have gotten away from me again.  As usual I will be sorting some last-minute things before I go to my bed.  For once I have all the uniforms etc ready to go in the morning.  I just have myself to sort out.  It is my own head that I really need to get in gear – I have tools to do almost everything I have lined up to do but there is always something gets in the way or I feel tired or I just cant summon up the will power to get any decorating done.

Tomorrow the plan is to get up and get busy with my day.  I dont want to be still explaining why things have not started happening yet in my blog tomorrow too.  If I repeat the same old procrastination bullshit tomorrow please everyone feel free to give me a row or kick me up the arse cos I seriously need it.



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