Strange wind

I have been out walking today, I spent almost four hours out walking – most of it uphill and this evening the effort has now left me absolutely knackered.  I have not had two minutes peace since I came back and now I have a splitting sore head.  I may be dehydrated or maybe my body is rebelling over this mad walk when I have had no excercise over the last few months.  I enjoyed the walk, the view and the fresh air and the strange wind from yesterday was around swooshing through the trees and creating a fantastically atmospheric feel to the area.

The rain threatened to upset the walk but even that stayed to a minimum and I managed to have a mostly clear day.  I took a few photographs of the surrounding scenery and have a nice memento from the day.  All this exertion is part of my plan for a story though.  I am compiling a file of photographs and information at the moment. Just some basic research on which to build my story.

On a completely different path I was verbally abused today and it made me laugh.  I marvel at the inability of some people to act like the adults they are supposed to be.  This abusive comment was meant to hurt me but it just proved how unbelievably petty, immature and devoid of intelligence some people are.  I laughed hard.  It made me think I was in primary five again – it was that juvenile.  It was said with a venimous intent and I was more tickled with the absurdity of it all that the intention of hurting me failed.

On trying to put my day into words it has been productive, stressful and illuminating.  The walk gave me loads of inspiration – I think that I am finally starting to cement my plans for the future (if a little slowly). I also positively loved the exercise, the fresh air, the atmosphere and the challenge.  It also reminded me that I need to breathe (sometimes I forget – especially when concentrating).  I am compiling a file of articles, inspiration and writing is clearly and firmly on my mind on a daily basis now.  The abuse whilst causing immediate hilarity is getting popped into the notebook because every experience (bad or good) is worthwhile, can be used in a more positive light and only serves as a tool to spur me on to bigger and better things.

My kids as ever are a joy to me even when they fray my nerves and test me to the max.  My little boy keeps giving me wonderful bug hugs on a daily basis.  Even on days when he tries to be in a bad mood.  Morgan – my beautiful, intelligent behaviourally challenging girl is just a wonder to me, she surprises me every day.  My Somhairle at 13 is older than his years but is just a wonderful human being.  My older daughters are both spectacular mothers and individuals in their own right.  All my kids have fantastic personalities and manage to rise above adversity and I am hugely proud to have raised five incredible young people.

That is enough gushing from me.  I need to keep things positive, keep going forward, strive for excellence in everything I want to do.  I am a lucky woman.  I am giving myself a pat on the back today – because no-one else will but mostly because I actually deserve it.



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