Just around the corner

My kids go bck to school this week and I have sort of been having a internal run down to this week. I have spent the last seven or eight weeks mentally preparing for this week. Now it is finally upon me I have started to feel quite excited. Getting the kids ready for school takes a lot out of me. Shopping for uniforms and other school paraphernalia has been all-consuming for most othe summer. On a budget like mine i have to stagger my purchases as and when I have some money. Mercifully I managed to get everything done in time. 

I cannot dare to set pen to paper just yet. I need to know my kids are settled back into class and make sure their needs as far as school, homework and their home life are taken care of. As the only reliable, responsible parent in their lives I have to be the one constant in life that they can rely on. I feel the weight of this duty on a daily basis but with this comes great pleasure at watching them grow in chartacter into the superb individuals I know they can be. 

As my kids are getting older it means I have a little more freedom to follow my own path. As much as I do love and cherish all of my children – I have come to realise I need to love and cherish myself because no-one else will. I have to start making plans for myself. i do not want to get to the stage where my last child is about to leave home and I fear being alone and deserted. I want to know that I have been living life as fully as possible. 

This week marks the first step of that process. This week starts off a whole new chapter in my life and at the moment i feel refreshed, in control and am feeling very positive about my future and that of my kids. I hope this positivity keeps up.



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