New start


I have made some mental progress today. The day when kids go back to school is coming ever closer so my thinking hat is on and my plans for the future are starting to take shape.  I lay in my bed last night and wrote for half an hour and things seem much clearer in my head.  I have a little time to get my writing hat on.  I still have to sort through and categorise my earlier work. I have now got materials in place for keeping track of my writing.


The younger kids are in the bath and they will be getting sent to bed once the dirt from today has been washed away.  They  are supposed to be going to visit their dad tomorrow morning so I will have a little time to collect my thoughts and hunt down my poetry, stories, journals and plans.  I have not felt this focused for some time. I think it is because the kids are going back to school that they and I will have a routine and I can take control back of my own future.


I am putting myself first – well that is the plan. I will try to keep a hold of this positive, optimistic outlook. I think it is about time that I stopped letting fear and other complications from keeping my creativity in check. I hve worked my way through much bigger difficulties. I have managed to survive and my kids have flourished despite many hardships.  Today is just as good a day as any.


I am feeling physically and mentally strong today.







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