I have been neglecting my blogging duties lately.  This in turn means that I have been neglecting myself.  I now feel that I am linked to this blog physically. If  am not blogging then it is usually a good indication that something is up in Weezerville.  I am struggling to find the time for me to write since the weans are off school.  I am struggling to find the time to think because my kids cant get along for five minutes. 

I have been buying some writing materials in order to get writing more but in order for this to happen I need to get some peace.  Why are the school holidays so long?  Why can’t my kids get along for five seconds?  I am trying to keep a positive outlook on things but school holidays are not the best time to plan anything. I get woken up by kids jumping and screaming around me, I spend most of my day breaking up fights or answering repetitive statements of ‘I’m bored’. 

I am over the moon to declare that today – decorating phase two begins.  We are starting the painting of window frames and woodwork in the house.  I always feel positive when I am keeping busy.  I will also be clearing out more clutter as I go along.  I am still firmly in procrastination mode. I am starting home improvements, job searching and filling my time with unneccessary pursuits in order to not do what I really need to be doing. 

It is now 2.17 am and I am still up watching television with my oldest son.  I had let the younger kids have control of the tv remote in the hope that they would stop arguing but this ploy did not work. I eventually wrestled the remote back and we all had an interesting night in front of the television watching the olympics.  I have started turning day into night again since I do not have the routine dictated by work and school at the moment.

I will try going to my bed now and see if I can turn this topsy turvy world around tomorrow.





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