The Graduate

I have just heard that I passed my final course in my degree in Literature.  This will be another nice bauble in my drawer full of qualifications.  I will not be going to any caremony however.  I have much more pressing things to do.  I don’t really have anyone else to tell so I am sharing it with my blog.  I will have a wee rest before deciding on the way forward from here.

I finally trimmed the hedge in my front garden.  It is not the most fantastic looking hedge but it is trimmed back so my neighbours may give me five minutes peace from the talk about my garden.  In the street I live it is full of lovely gardens cared for by the little retired couples who live there but i’m sorry I have three kids still at home, I am trying to get my house sorted, I work and I have just finished my third degree.  I think something had to give and up until now my garden has been neglected out of necessity.  There is a bus stop right outside my house and I can hear talk and see disparaging faces shaking their heads and discussing my garden.  Well its not going to be looking any better than this until next year. 

I am going to have an early night tonight. 



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