Lazy Sunday

Today is being spent in the house, listening to music, hanging out with the weans, maybe reading a little, eating food that is probably bad for me and generally just being lazy.  I have to try and relax more.  I need to spend time reconnecting with me.  I am enjoying watching morgan still crafting since yesterday.  The activities today include making pom poms and maybe more roses out of felt.  She is totally captivated when she gets  her wee industrious head on.  It keeps her occupied for hours.  I think I need to do an emergency run out for supplies because she is running out of things to make. 

I am watching my wee boy dance around the living room in what he thinks is some martial arts frenzy.  I don’t know whether to sign him up for gymnastics or karate – maybe even contemporary dance cos he is quite graceful when he does it.  I think he wants to be a stunt man when he grows up.  My eldest son is playing computer games with his friend.  He has spent most of the holidays in front of the screen.  Okay the weather has not been fantastic but I think it is about time he peeled his eyes off the screen.

I have still not watched any of the olympics so far.  Usually my eyes would have been glued to the telly but I have not really been spending time with my tv as of late.  I am not doing much of anything these days.  I’m working up some energy to get more walls scraped, sanding down paintwork, papering and general housing upgrade.   I will get more work done when the kids are back at school.  I don’t really have any space or time while they are at home. 

I have been mentally preparing myself for starting work.  I have been stuck in my own head for a few days.  I will start sorting them out and getting some sort of writing framework set up.  I need to get some discipline in my life so have to work out a schedule round my existing rota of work, kids and other committments.  The good thing about the kids being back at school is that they are in a routine of getting up early and going to bed early so it means I have lots of time at night to write.  I may just get plans in place and write around the school terms.  It would allow me to spend lots of time with the kids (which we all need) and loads of time writing (which I need like oxygen). 

Heres to having plans.





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