Me and the kids got a surprise invitation to a festival in glasgow today.  My fabulous sister dragged us out of our dungeon and took us for a road trip.  Stuck in a car with my three kids on the way there was a joy because they all behaved.  They did show off their great sense of humour because the patter was hilarious.  Once there we had to barter for goods – no money was to exchange hands.  We had went with nothing but the lovely lady at the gate gave us a plant to start us off.

Morgan was captivated right from the off at the first stall.  A little sewing haven where they encouraged people to make things out of scrap pieces of fabric.  The woman sat and showed her how to make a lovely brooch out of some felt.  We went to the next stall that was giving out samples of good quality coffee and my thirteen year old son decided today was the day he wanted to try coffee.  He actually enjoyed it and gave his little sister a taste but she almost threw up.  There was also a stall that had a bike that powered a radio and a food blender.  Both my 13 year old and my 8 year old had a go and then got to taste the smoothies they made. 

My daughter than went to a few more stalls and was given brooches, tomato plants, flowers and a nice clasp for her hair all free of charge.  She had a brilliant day and it was fantastic getting to see her have fun, get to do crafts which are her favourite pastime ever and the fact that all my kids tried something new made me feel very happy.  Sometimes kids can take a little persuading but today they were really getting into the vibe of this bartering festival.  I enjoyed my kids seeing that there is value in skills and products you can make instead of the usual money system.  I was proud that my kids all took the initiative and took part. 

I have said it before but this sister that invited me to this day out – she always has some knowledge, or fascinating spectacle to give me.  I have had a good day with the best company, some very needed time away from my house and the ability to watch my kids grow and learn and experience new things.  I cannot thank her enough.  In my life I have learned many things from her.  I have always loved visiting her because she has always had influences from many cultures in her house, she always has the best reading material, she makes me think whenever I am around her and I know she is interested in almost everything as am I.

Today was just what the doctor ordered.  More of the same for tomorrow please.  



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