Start as you mean to go on.

I woke up this morning and went for a good brisk walk with my dog.  We ventured as far as the graveyard where my dad’s ashes were buried, it was a lovely warm day and the walk there was very pleasant and warm.  I walked up the steps to where his grave is and at first glance of the headstone tears welled up and I thought aw dad.  I have not been there in such a long time.  The headstone needs a little attention and it could do with a little sprucing up.  The graveyard is really peaceful and good for reflection but the benches that used to be quite close to his grave were not there anymore.  I had hoped to have a little half hours meditation/contemplation sitting on one of those benches to sit and watch the world go by.  

Instead I decided to walk around the new local high school which was muddy and busy with joggers, dog walkers and workers not doing very much.  All this walking was done whilst listening to my ipod very loud.  I must have gotten quite a few odd looks because I am sure for most of the walk I was singing at the top of my voice.  I then walked round part of the town and through the remnants of the old local high school which was totally deserted.  My journey ended with the walk down the spine road and back home where my dog was quite happy for a wee rest under the table in the shade.  Two and a half hours of pure bliss with the thoughts in my head, some good music and a wee singalong. 

Once home I had my breakfast and decided to trim my hedge.  I searched high and low for my shears but could not find them.  I was really mad about this because trimming the hedge outside my garden is not for the fainthearted and it takes me a good week to work up the energy, strength and will to get this job done.  I have still not found the shears so no hedge was trimmed.  I eventually just put on a pair of gloves and started ripping up loads of weeds.  After about an hour of doing this I sat on the trampoline for a little break. 

I realised today there is more than a little bit of the big kid in me because I got up and started jumping like my life depended on it.  It was quite liberating.  The only down side is that I live on a road that is pretty jampacked with traffic at any time of day.  I was spared some funny looks by the giant hedge that did not get trimmed back but I got a few comments and laughs from other passers by.  I didn’t care if anyone thought this forty year old woman bouncing on a kids trampoline was not exactly what they wanted to see on their day off but I was having a fair old time to myself.  The post man had a fair old chuckle to himself as he delivered my mail. 

I then lay on the trampoline enjoying the heat and just hanging out.  My friend came by with lunch and I had a nice chat with her.  It was a day filled with indulgencies and fun.  I walked to get my kids who turned back into their usual fighting selves within ten minutes of me picking them up.  What a joy.  They are now firmly deposited in front of the tv playing their xbox.  I have a busy day tomorrow so I need to get them up early.  I am tired just thinking about tomorrow.  Or maybe it is just the fallout from my walk, my gardening, my trampolining and my busy day. 

School clothes shopping starts tomorrow.  Not my favourite pastime but I am hoping to do it in some short bursts.  Make everything more mangeable.




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