Better day

I woke up today and the sun was shining and it brought a little ray of positivity into my wee heart today.  It is amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do.  I had a drink with my brother last night and even though I had to stop cos it was hurting my tummy I had the best chat with my brother we have had in ages.  I miss my brother so much.  Sometimes I don’t always understand him but I always love him. 

Another reason why I am feeling better today is because I got a beautiful email from my friend.  It was just so heartfelt that I felt really good to have a friend like her.  It is people like her that make horrible things bearable.  I look forward to seeing her so I can give her a thank you hug.  I have also had queries from other folk who I know are not bothered about me but just want to see if they can get some juicy gossip but I will not be answering any of their questions.   

My kids all are up, my granddaughter too.  We have had a great conversation about horses and walks and picnics.  They all had smiley happy excited faces and who can be depressed when faced with so many little people with expectant faces.  I may feel sad and ache a little but I will spend some quality time with my babies.  A movie day may be in order.  I just need to work out how to get real food in the house that does not include me walking far and carrying loads of heavy bags. 

I have a week load of housework to get done so I need to get on that now. 



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