The power of housework

I have had a really rotten day.  Work was a chore as always and got more disturbing news.  The kids are going daft with boredom and relationship trouble is on the horizon and approaching fast.  As a result of this I started the day feeling very low.  I had to stifle back a waterfall of tears just to get me out the door to work this morning.  Pregnancy hormones have me all over the place.  Not even eight weeks pregnant and all I want to do is blubber like a baby. 

Work dragged in slowly, saw the same old faces and had the same old conversations.  Life just ticked away like it does every saturday at work.  I felt stressed being there and as the day went on this dread did not lift.  Came home to chaos and I could not stand it so went and lay down for a little while.  Ipod was on and set to loud to drown out the noise the kids were making.  The main reason was my daughter had one Justin Bieber song set on repeat and I just had to drown his nauseous tones out.  I got a lovely visit from my sister but my mood did not lift completely.  I then got another text from my other sister who is celebrating her daughters first birthday today and we had a little empathy connection via text and she helped me to clear a little of the clutter from my brain. 

Now I have started the clean up.  I did my dishes, fed my kids and wrote my blog.  I still have some more cleaning up to do but it is amazing how cleaning a house can clean out my brain at the same time.  I still have huge amounts of work to get through but I have made a start.  I need to get some advice about certain things and see where I go from here but I am in fixit mode now.  I will get back on track if it kills me.

I also had a conversation with my sister bout the book 50 Shades of Grey and we are both of the same opinion.  This book was written by a sad little housewife who isprobably held in servitude by her husband.  The book is not very well written and the only way it is getting the attention it has is because it discusses sex in an out of the ordinary way.  We have come to the conclusion that only women with little or no sex life of their own are flocking in their droves to read it.  It is very frustrating that the only outlet some women have for titillation is through poorly disguised mummy porn. That is our take on it anyway. 

Enjoy your saturday night.  I am away to tackle some life changing housework.



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