Stressed to the max

Is there ever days when you feel like you are speaking swahili to everyone? Nothing you say comes out right and people think you are saying something completely different to what you actually mean.  That is the kind of day I have had.  This got worse as the evening went on.  I think I should have just gone home and left it well alone.  I sort of went off the rails as a result of this but I think a rant was completely called for.  I am so sick of people trying to make something out of nothing. 

My kids and I had been having such a complication free day too.  I have been getting on with them much better and their fights between themselves have been kept to a minimum.  I have been feeling really fluey since I came home.  I just want to climb into my bed and forget about a bad day now.  The kids all want me to watch tv with them but I may have to pass on that that offer.  I cant seem to string two thoughts together either.

My friend came and walked me home from work.  It was good to catch up on her holiday exploits and see her looking a little happier than she has been of late.  I have missed our girly chat time since the school holidays have been on.  During the school week we have the chance to spend lots of time together and it is a great way to relieve the stress of my day.

As I am feeling a wee bit ill today I am going to have an early night and try and shake this before it turns into anything more serious.  I need to eat better and take time to look after myself.  I always look after everyone elses needs before seeing to my own.  I still need to try and get away from that.  Heres hoping that tomorrow will be better. 




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