School holidays =

Well my kids are officially going daft stuck in the house for this first half of the summer holidays.  I think it has rained for nearly every day they have had off so far.  I need to wait for tiny dry spells to try and run up and buy my messages but most days we get caught in a torrential downpour at some point.  I am about to get them baking cakes in two minutes but they are definitely embracing their wild sides now.  I just hope cake baking will appease their curiosity for half an hour.  Then the wait for the cakes cooling enough to eat will be torture.  Devil’s food cake is sooo chocolatey that if you eat too much in one go it makes you feel sick.

I have had a really lazy day so far.  Spent most of the morning reading a book then dozed off a few times because doing nothing is tiring.  I need to go shopping at some point to get some craft materials to keep them busy.  My wee boy needs something more physical to keep him behaving himself.  He cannot sit at peace ever – he always stands on his head watching tv, he dances around and practices his ninja moves.  The only thing that keeps him still is the xbox.  My days at home are probably interrupted every day about three times when my two youngest kids break into fights where they literally try to murder each other.

I have several things I do to cope:

1) I use distraction techniques – for example crafts – it always calms them for a little while.

2) I also send them to their rooms to clean.

3) We go walking – nature walks to discuss the river and what we find round about it.

4) Music – I either distract them with it (they are all music fans too) or I drown the noise they make out with it.

5) Books – either I read to them or I get new ones for them. My daughter is my wee bookworm – she devours books almost as quickly as I do.

6) Xbox and Wii can either be a godsend or the most evil contraptions ever made.

7) Movie nights always go down a treat.

It is getting incredibly close to the time where I need to venture out to buy school clothes. This is a horrific yearly debacle – my kids never behave when this job has to be done.  I have to take them all with me because I do not have any childcare.  My teenage son tries very hard to keep his cool – when all he wants is to buy anything but school uniform.  My daughter cannot go a whole day without trying to cause mayhem of some kind so in the middle of shops packed full of people is her favourite time to let everything erupt.  My little boy just gets tired and wants to explore shops instead of try clothes on. 

Shoe shopping is the worst.  I have a lot of patience on a daily basis but shoe shopping for school shoes is my worst nightmare.  I cannot stand the waiting forever to get served with three crabby kids (it used to be five but two have left school), kids who cannot wait till the shoes come.  Once the shoes are there my daughter forgets how to walk like a normal person, my youngest son refuses to put shoes on his feet and my oldest son cannot be bothered to deal with laces and finds it difficult to perform the simplest of tasks without going in a huff. 

I still have this joyous day to look forward. I had thought about doing it tomorrow but I simply am not ready for it.  I may see if anyone can maybe take at least one of them off my hands because even shopping with two is less stressful than doing it with three. I will get there soon though because the idea of leaving it all to the last minute when shops are half empty is even more worrying.

I am away to see to those cakes before the murderous boredom kicks into my kids.



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